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What Are Carbon Electrodes Used For?
07 November 2018

The carbon electrode is suitable for the smelting of some common electric steel and ferro-alloy in medium and small...

Relationship between graphite electrode  and environment
15 October 2018

Our company mainly produces graphite electrodes, and the manufacturer of graphite electrodes industry is also listed...

Use Of Electrode Paste
09 October 2018

Soderberg electrode paste is also called anode paste self-baking electrode paste or carbon electrode paste. It is...

Soderberg Electrode Paste Specification
09 October 2018

Soderberg Electrode Paste is fed into smelting furnaces column in different forms: cylinders, eggs, briquettes...

What is Graphite Cooling Technology?
27 September 2018

The thermal conductivity of natural graphite is mostly in 300-700w/m. K, and the thermal conductivity of synthetic...

Considerations for Using Graphite Electrodes
27 September 2018

Graphite electrodes do have a lot of advantages, but how do you put the advantages into play? How to really improve...

Graphite And Water Can Be Made Into New Energy
27 September 2018

With the development of science and technology, human resources will be used less and such as oil, forests, all kinds...

Analysis and Suggestions About The Graphite Electrodes
27 September 2018

At present, in the domestic graphite electrode market, the price is rising. The specific situation is as follows:

Request Price of HP & UHP Graphite Electrodes
17 September 2018

In September 2018, we got some quotations of graphite electrodes from clients worldwide. What kind of graphite...

Specific applications and features of graphite electrodes
21 August 2018

Graphite Electrodes are used in specific applications where a high level of technical requirement is required for...

Quotes of Graphite Electrodes, Soderberg Electrodes Paste
27 July 2018

In April 2018, we got quotes of graphite electrodes, soderberg electrodes paste from India clients. What electrodes...

How much do you know about graphite?
11 July 2018

Graphite is one of the allotropic forms in which carbon can be presented along with diamond, fullerenes, nanotubes...

Quotes of Graphite Electrodes from India, Turkey
15 June 2018

In March 2018, we got quotes of graphite electrodes with connecting nipples from India, Turkey clients. What graphite...

Graphite electrode properties you need to know
24 May 2018

Before selecting graphite electrode, you need to know the following properties:

What is Graphite Electrode and Features?
24 May 2018

Graphite Electrode is very significant objects that are employing in the electric curve heater for steel making, for...

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