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Quotes of Graphite Electrodes from Dubai and Deli
In May 2019, we got some qutoes of graphite electrode from Dubai and Deli clients. What kind of graphite electrodes are you looking for? We can supply UHP Graphite Electrode, SHP Graphite Electrode, HP Graphite Electrode, RP Graphite Electrode. Below is the details:

1. Quote: Dear Sirs, We are looking for, SHP GRAPHITE ELECTRODES with nipples, 400mm and 450mm 
Specifications will be send after your respond 
Qty : Annual around 8.000 – 9.000 ton, each batch, monthly 700 – 750 tons regular, first batch 200tons 
Price C/F Dubai Port 
Pls indicate payment and earliest delivery terms 
We are willing to contract annual 8.000tons, each month 700-750 tons, first batch 200tons ( each batch to have equal qty of 400mm and 450mm )

2. Product: UHP Graphite Electrode
Quote: I m from deli,  i want the rates of Graphite Electrodes500 and 600, i will be so thanks full to you
UHP Graphite Electrode
Quality is always priority. We pursue excellence in product quality, handling process, service and management. 

We immediately respond to our customers. We think in our clients’ position so as to understand, meet and exceed their requirements and demands. 

If you are looking for Graphite Electrodes, please feel free to contact us:
Head Company: Orient Carbon Group 
Telephone: +86 318 2883050 
Email: tingy.yu@orientcarbongraphite.com


Head Company: Orient Carbon Group

Telphone: +86 318 2883050

Email: info@orientcarbongraphite.com


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