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The principal ferro-alloys are chromium, manganese and silicon. The product series consists mainly of ferromanganese, silico-manganese, ferro-silicon and ferro-chrome.

In the ferro-alloys industry, continuous self leaking electrodes are used exclusively; in the heated up condition they differ very little in their physical properties from the usual carbon electrodes. The self-baking electrodes are cheaper than the usual pre-baked carbon electrodes. They can be made on the spot and the expense in setting up a section to produce the electrode mixture is small compared with that of a carbon electrode factory. Moreover, no fuel is needed to heat the electrodes and there is no need of giant cranes to transport and screw the electrodes. 

In case of continuous or self baking electrodes, the carbon electrode paste is directly placed into the furnace or moulded and kept in storage for use when needed. 

Electrodes for various ferro-alloy production (pertonne) are given below: 


Carbon electrode

Soderberg electrode










Pig iron



For use of carbon graphite paste in a ferro-alloy furnace, a shell made up of 1 to 2 mm steel sheet is filled with the carbon paste in the form of lumps average size being 175 mm. The shell acts as a casing for the electrode paste and protects it against oxidation. It also provides passage for the electric current from the electrode arm to the baked section of the electrode and intensifies heat transfer to the upper, unbaked section of the electrodes. 

The electrode top should be covered with a lid to avoid dust, since it may lead to a subsequent electrode breakage. A special platform is mounted atop the furnace to facilitate electrode joint making and filling. The heat evolving from the furnace softens the paste and enables it to fill the electrode shell compactly.


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