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Carbon Electrode

Carbon electrode is the general term for an electrode formed from the element carbon. It can be divided into natural graphite electrode, artificial graphite electrode, carbon electrode and special carbon electrode.

Natural graphite electrodes are mainly used for various electric arc furnace electrodes. The artificial graphite electrode is used for various alkali metals, alkali earth metals and other electrolytic electrodes. Carbon electrode is used for electrolysis electrode and dry battery electrode for aluminum and magnesium etc. Special carbon electrode has porous carbon electrode based on carbon fiber, which is used in fuel cell. There are also glassy carbon electrodes (glassy carbon electrodes) made of thermosetting resins that are highly pure and chemically resistant for analysis. Carbon electrode is widely used in metallurgy, chemical and electrochemical industries.

Carbon Electrode

Carbon electrode are applied for the production of silicon metal as they have peculiar characteristics. Carbon...

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