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♦ Responsibility 

We undertake responsibility. We are responsible for our own behavior, for our clients and for our society and environment. 

♦ Quality 

Quality is always priority. We pursue excellence in product quality, handling process, service and management. 

♦ Integrity 

We value professional and personal integrity above all else. We achieve our goals by being honest. We earn trust with every action, every minute of every day. 

♦ Service 

We immediately respond to our customers. We think in our clients’ position so as to understand, meet and exceed their requirements and demands. 

♦ Win-win 

We promote win-win policy. Maximizing the total value with our clients is our goal.


Graphite Electrode:  

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Soderberg Electrode Paste, Carburiser:  

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Cathode block, Pre-baked Anode Block

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Website: www.orientcarbongraphite.com

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