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Why graphite is used as an electrode?
The sole purpose of the graphite electrodes is to carry the electricity that melts scrap iron and steel. The DRI or direct-reduced iron is sometimes used in electric arc furnaces, which are the vast majority of steel furnaces. They are made from petroleum coke after it is mixed with coal tar pitch. As graphite electrode paste is a solid material, it is known as a dry lubricant.

It has some useful applications in the electricity as it is in non-metal category and thus, is a good conductor of electricity. Also, graphite issued mostly in what are called refractory applications.

Being one of the good electric conductors, graphite is used in a variety of applications as arc lamp electrodes. When it comes to de localization within the carbon layers, it is conducts electricity due to the presence of massive electrons. This phenomenon is called as aromatically. This happens due to the prime reason or ability of valence electrons to move freely.

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