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Carbon electrode is excellent used for conductor
Carbon is a widely used and excellent conductor.  There are different kinds of products made of carbon used on various applications, including electrolysis. When it comes to a carbon electrode, it is used for acquiring the best possible results. It is commonly used in the graphite form. In this process, there are many freely moving electrons or particles available with structure results of an element. There are many valuable reasons to consider carbon over other materials. Apart from that, it is very stable at increased temperature levels. This durable and rough material is suitable for various applications. It is exactly where the electron transfers are required and are exploited during electrolysis.

A carbon electrode is considered as the standard type of electrode which is formed from the element carbon.  After that, it can be divided into different types, such as natural graphite electrode, carbon electrode, artificial graphite electrode, special carbon electrode, etc.  In general, the natural graphite electrodes are highly useful, and it can be utilized in various applications. First of all, it is being used as the electric arc furnace electrodes, but the artificial one is also used for various alkali metals, electrolytic electrodes, alkali earth metals, etc.

Carbon Electrode

Most importantly, the carbon electrode is also used as an electrolysis electrode, or it is also used in the form of a dry battery electrode for aluminum and magnesium, etc. The special carbon electrode has a spongy carbon electrode similar to the carbon fiber, which is used in a fuel cell. There are also glassy carbon electrodes which are made by using thermosetting resins; these kinds of materials are highly pure at the same time chemically resistant for analysis.  On the whole, the carbon electrode is widely used in electrochemical, metallurgy, chemical industries.

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