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Uses of the Graphite Electrode for Curve Furnace

Today, majority of the industry needs the best material for the furnace purpose. The graphite electrode is the right choice for them to reduce the risk of the cavity and chemical polishing process. With an increasing demand of the polishing process, this type of electrode works well for the user needs. In order to make the electric curve furnace, this is the best choice for you. It is considered as the perfect alternative for the curve furnace. This kind of electrode manages the electricity at high temperature rate.

It acts as a roof structure of the furnace and attached to the roof. This is available in three inches in diameter and 30 inches long. You can buy the electrode based on the size of the furnace and material required for melting. Before using the electrode, you can look at the advantage and how it is beneficial for the steel melting process. It works differently when compared to other electrodes.

The processing speed of the electrode is very fast rather than compared to other electrodes. It is lighter in weight. You can handle it safely for the electric curve furnace. The electrode paste is used for making the self baking electrodes. It is better for the metallurgy and chemical industry. You can check the heat conductivity and electrical resistance of the electrodes. This is utilized for the rough machining process. It minimizes the loss of the graphite and improves the processing speed.

It is more efficient and faster that better for the machining process. You can reduce the manufacturing cost of the different furnaces. You can try to use this one and improves the productivity. It eliminates the process of the CAD and CAM machine. It is the best option to enhance the accuracy of the mold cavity. You can keep an eye on the property required for the electrode. You can choose the best one for the machine process and reduces the man power. It has the less impurity content and excellent vibration resistance.

Graphite Electrode

Benefits of the Graphite Electrode:
* Graphite electrodes are simple to install in the machine.
* It comes with ideal characteristic.
* It offers high metal removal rate.
* It has five times lesser density than copper.
* It has the less coefficient thermal expression that offers a guarantee on discharging machines.

Graphite is a material that increases the temperature of the mechanical properties. Graphite offers more benefits which mostly used on electrodes. We create electrodes by using assured materials. It is important material to offer best trade-off results to the businesses. A wide range of electrodes is manufactured by our experts to supply various consumers.


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