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How much are graphite electrodes in China?
14 June 2023

Graphite electrodes are essential components used in electric arc furnaces (EAFs) for steelmaking, among other...

Inquire About Graphite Electrodes in May 2023 from Clients
10 June 2023

In May 2023, we got some inquiry about Graphite Electrodes from clients. What kind of graphite electrodes are you...

What is the price of graphite electrode?
25 May 2023

What makes graphite electrodes so special? Well, their unique properties make them ideal for this demanding task....

Graphite electrode manufacturing process
06 May 2023

If you're in the market for high-quality graphite electrodes, it's important to understand how they are manufactured....

How big is the graphite electrode market?
25 April 2023

As demand for steel continues to grow worldwide, so too does the market for graphite electrodes. But just how big is...

What is the outlook for graphite electrode industry?
11 April 2023

In recent years, the graphite electrode industry has experienced significant changes due to various factors,...

What is the raw material for graphite electrodes?
30 March 2023

Graphite electrodes are made from a specific type of carbon material known as needle coke. Needle coke is a...

Who is the largest producer of graphite electrodes?
15 March 2023

Graphite electrodes are a critical component in the steelmaking process, used to melt scrap steel in electric arc...

What electrodes are made of graphite?
06 March 2023

Graphite electrodes are typically made of high-purity graphite materials and are used in a variety of applications,...

Who makes graphite electrodes?
14 February 2023

The production process for graphite electrodes involves several stages, including baking, graphitization, and...

Graphite Electrode Characteristics
08 February 2023

Graphite electrode is a crucial component in modern metal refining and smelting processes. It is made of...

The mechanical strength of carbon and graphite products
20 January 2023

With the wide application of graphite products and the rapid development of the world industry, graphite products...

What industry uses graphite?
07 December 2022

Graphite electrodes are actually widely used in the industry. It has been widely used in the following industries:

What is high purity graphite?
23 November 2022

In graphite industry, high purity graphite generally refers to graphite containing more than 99.99% carbon. High...

What is the difference between graphite and carbon black?
11 November 2022

Carbon black can not only greatly increase the mechanical strength of graphite products, but also increase the...

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