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Different understanding and classification of special graphite
10 September 2021

Special graphite covers a wide range. Chinese electric carbon products industry, natural graphite products industry...

How to Distinguish the Quality of Graphite Products?
10 August 2021

A lot of people may think that graphite products of good quality are too expensive to produce. In fact, on the...

Isostatic pressing formed graphite is good quality
16 July 2021

Obviously, the production process of isostatic pressing formed graphite is different from that of graphite electrode....

Why graphite is used as an electrode?
28 June 2021

Graphite is used in making electrodes because it is a good conductor of electricity due to the presence of free...

What are the uses of graphite electrode in various fields?
25 June 2021

The graphite electrodes are mainly used in the following fields: 1. Ferro Alloys Production; 2. Silicon Production;...

How are graphite electrodes manufactured?
20 June 2021

The purpose of graphitization is to improve the conductivity and torsion of the graphite electrodes, improve the...

What are the advantages of EDM graphite electrode?
09 June 2021

EDM graphite is a new material, which is more and more widely used in precision die processing industry. At present,...

High resistance of graphite electrode in steel-making
02 June 2021

High resistance of graphite electrode nipples is one of the main reasons for the quality problems in steel-making....

Development of graphite deep processing technology
17 May 2021

As important strategic resources, graphite and its deep processing products, will be widely used in the advanced...

Graphite industry is one of the key industries in China
07 May 2021

Graphite industry is one of the key industries in the development of strategic emerging industries in China. Graphite...

Carbon electrode definition and meaning
16 April 2021

Carbon electrodes are made of an allotrope of carbon called graphite. An allotrope is a fancy word for the structure...

Which is used as carbon electrodes in batteries?
07 April 2021

arbon electrodes are energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, and their use in calcium carbide and...

Graphite electrode formula and storage
05 February 2021

Graphite electrode refers to petroleum coke, asphalt coke as aggregate, coal tar pitch as binder, through raw...

Graphite electrode production processing
28 January 2021

The purpose of graphitization is to improve the conductivity and torsion of the graphite electrodes, improve the...

Graphite electrodes demand
18 January 2021

The development of ultra high power arc furnace is the trend of The Times. As one of the main materials of ultra high...

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