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Which Graphite Electrode Supplier Should You Choose?
09 February 2024

When it comes to sourcing graphite electrodes, selecting the right supplier is paramount for ensuring efficiency and...

What are graphite welding rods used for?
06 February 2024

Graphite welding rods are used primarily for welding cast iron. Cast iron is a notoriously difficult material to weld...

What happens to graphite electrodes?
02 February 2024

Graphite electrodes are used in electric arc furnaces for the production of steel. During the steelmaking process,...

Why is graphite used as an electrode?
24 January 2024

Graphite is commonly used as an electrode for several reasons:

Is graphite a positive or negative electrode?
19 January 2024

Graphite can function as both a positive and a negative electrode depending on the context.

What is the use of graphite rod?
16 January 2024

Graphite rods have various uses in different applications. Here are some common uses:

The Prowess of Graphite Electrode Manufacturing
11 January 2024

In the realm of industrial progress, the role of a graphite electrode manufacturer is pivotal. These unsung heroes...

What is a graphite electrode?
09 January 2024

A graphite electrode is a type of electrode used in high-temperature electrical applications, particularly in the...

Arc furnace graphite electrode manufacturer
04 January 2024

In the dynamic landscape of industrial manufacturing, Orient Carbon has emerged as a prominent player in the...

What is the formula for graphite electrodes?
29 December 2023

The formulation of graphite electrodes involves a combination of graphite and various binding materials. While the...

Who Manufactures Carbon Electrode?
25 December 2023

Orient Carbon Industry stands out as a key player in the production of carbon electrodes, contributing significantly...

What Challenges Does the Graphite Electrode Industry Face Today?
19 December 2023

The graphite electrode industry faces several challenges in the current landscape, impacting various aspects of...

What is the process of manufacturing graphite electrodes?
15 December 2023

The manufacturing process of graphite electrodes involves several key steps, from raw material preparation to the...

Maximizing Efficiency with Electrode Paste in Industrial Process
12 December 2023

In the realm of metallurgy and industrial applications, electrode paste emerges as a crucial component, seamlessly...

Does graphite  electrode  electrolysis require AC or DC?
08 December 2023

Graphite electrode electrolysis ​can be conducted using both AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current),...

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