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Purpose and Affecting Factors of Graphite Graphitization
16 June 2022

Graphitization is the process of heating amorphous carbon for a prolonged period of time, rearranging the atomic...

What are the particle size in graphite?
09 June 2022

The maximum particle size of graphite electrode in China is 6~8 mm. Grain size of carbon block, prebaked anode and...

Calcination is an important process in graphite production
26 May 2022

Calcination is to heat various solid graphite raw materials at high temperature under the condition of isolating air....

Quotes of Pre-baked Anode Block from clients
29 April 2022

In April 2022, we got some quotes from clients, below is the details:

Common impregnating agents for graphite materials
18 April 2022

In order to improve the bulk density, impermeability, lubricity, strength and other special properties of the...

How to detect microstructure of graphite materials?
01 April 2022

Methods for the study and detection of microstructure and microcomponents of graphite materials: X ray diffraction...

How to detect resistance of graphite materials?
21 March 2022

The detection of electrical conductivity of graphite material mainly includes the detection of powder resistivity and...

How to screen graphite materials?
14 March 2022

In graphite production, the particle size and surface area of graphite material have a great influence on the...

How is graphite density measured?
03 March 2022

Graphite material is one kind of material with porous structure. Its density is divided into bulk density and true...

Is graphite easy to cut?
16 February 2022

Most of the graphite products are mold parts, such as graphite electrode, 3D hot bending die, etc., which require...

The problem of slagging of graphite electrode used in electrolys
07 February 2022

Electrolytic graphite needs to use high purity graphite material. The slag dropping is caused by the impure graphite.

Graphite electrode vs copper electrode
04 January 2022

The density of graphite is only 1/5 of copper. When large electrodes are needed for discharge machining, graphite...

What industry is graphite used in?
02 December 2021

Graphite is widely used in electric industry. For example, it’s used as electrode, carbon tube, electric brush,...

What is molded graphite and extruded graphite?
10 November 2021

The pressing methods commonly used in carbon and graphite products industry are molding method and extrusion method.

Enquiry of Graphite Electrode with Machining from Client
15 October 2021

In Oct 2021, we got the enquiry of Graphite Electrode from client. What kind of graphite electrodes are you looking...

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