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How to Distinguish the Quality of Graphite Products?
Chinese graphite ore reserves account for about 72% of the world's total reserves. Especially the application of solar photovoltaic and cathode and negative electrode material for lithium battery makes the graphite industry develop rapidly. However, the graphite product of our country starts late. And most people do not know much about graphite products. Although the emergence of new graphite products has aroused the interest of many people, people are still afraid to buy inferior products when they do not understand them. Here we would like to briefly introduce how to distinguish the quality of graphite products.

1. To identify the quality of a thing, we should start from the raw materials, and look at the Shore hardness of the material. If the hardness of the product is greater than 80, it will cause wear to the tool and may affect the consistency of hole diameter. In addition, if Shore hardness is greater than 80, it is also easy to cause safety risks such as edge collapse.

2. Electrical resistance. The resistance of different graphite materials is different. If the average particle is the same, the higher the resistance is, the slower the discharge rate is, and the hardness and strength are also higher.

3. The degree of bending strength of the material. The bending strength of a material is a direct reflection of the strength of the material. When the bending strength of the material is large, it can also avoid fracture when it is made into a very thin and deep bar electrode. For high precision electrodes, the materials with good strength should be selected as far as possible.

4. The average particle diameter of graphite materials used in lithium battery conductive materials is generally less than 5 microns. Because this can improve the bending strength of graphite, it can also be suitable for fine surface processing, and the loss is relatively small. The smaller the average particle diameter of the material is, the more uniform the discharge of the material is. If the average particle is large, the workmanship will be relatively rough.

A lot of people may think that graphite products of good quality are too expensive to produce. In fact, on the contrary, the loss of high quality graphite products is actually very small. High quality graphite can really reduce the production cost and prolong the service life of the goods. 

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