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Different understanding and classification of special graphite
Special graphite covers a wide range. Chinese electric carbon products industry, natural graphite products industry and metallurgical carbon products industry have different understanding and classification of special graphite. According to the customary classification of metallurgical carbon products industry, special graphite mainly refers to high strength, high density, high purity graphite products (abbreviated as three high graphite).

In terms of material structure, three high graphite can be divided into coarse particle structure, fine particle structure and ultra-fine particle structure. In terms of molding mode, three high graphite can be divided into special graphite by molding, special graphite by extrusion and special graphite by isostatic pressing. In addition, vibration molding can also be used to produce special graphite. Isotropic graphite is a kind of special graphite with high quality produced by isostatic pressing process.

Not all special graphite must achieve the same high density, high strength, high purity index. There are specific strength and density requirements for special graphite in different situations, so the graphite strength and density index will also change accordingly. Many special graphite does not need to achieve high purity, and ash content is not the main quality index. Some special graphite does not need high strength, high density, but needs high purity. Some special graphite, such as graphite for EDM, needs to select fine particle structure graphite or ultra-fine particle structure graphite with different physical and chemical indexes according to different processing technology and processing objects.

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