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Isostatic pressing formed graphite is good quality
As a new type of material, graphite products play a very wide range of functions in the market. Especially in solar photovoltaic, new energy, cathode and negative electrode material for lithium battery, manufacture of copper and aluminum materials, electronic industry, high-end sintering, metallurgy, and chemical fields, graphite also plays an important role. But graphite products are also a kind of high consumables. In the environment of high temperature and high pressure, the longer the use time, the greater the wear and tear of graphite products. Therefore, graphite material can also be divided into good or bad. 

Isostatic pressing formed graphite

Isostatic pressing formed graphite is a kind of graphite material with good quality. Isostatic graphite is widely used in solar photovoltaic, new energy and other industries. As early as the 1960s, isostatic graphite was discovered. After a long period of verification, we found that isostatic graphite has a significant function in industry. For example, isostatic graphite has good heat resistance, good thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength, fine structure, good thermal and seismic resistance, and strong corrosion resistance.

Obviously, the production process of isostatic pressing formed graphite is different from that of graphite electrode. Although isostatic graphite performance is good, we need to choose it according to the industry requirements. Not all industries need isostatic graphite. Sometimes, ordinary graphite products can also fully meet the needs of these industries.

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