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How to detect resistance of graphite materials?
The detection of electrical conductivity of graphite material mainly includes the detection of powder resistivity and graphite block resistivity.

The detection of resistivity of graphite powder is mainly the measurement of granular graphite material, such as various calcined coke or anthracite, graphite scrap and natural graphite. The main test object of resistivity of graphite block is graphite finished parts or graphite semi-finished parts. 

The detection of graphite block resistivity can be divided into laboratory detection and production site detection. The production site inspection is the quality inspection of the finished product for the graphite electrode (or cathode carbon block of aluminum electrolytic cell). 

At present, the methods of detecting resistivity of graphite materials mainly include: Current-voltage method (also called Voltammetry) and Kelvin bridge method. But we generally use voltammetry, and its principle is Ohm's law. Japan produces a small hand-held resistivity tester (about 1kg), which is easy to use in the production site.

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