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How to screen graphite materials?
In graphite production, the particle size and surface area of graphite material have a great influence on the production process and product performance.

Therefore, measuring the particle size and surface area of graphite materials is of great significance to guide the production process and design new products. For materials with a grain size of 0~20mm, we can usually use dry sieving. For fine powders of 0.076 mm (200 mesh) or 0.044 mm (325 mesh), dry or wet sieving can be used.

To help screen graphite materials, a certain size or a certain amount of glass pellets can be added to the screen. For wet screening, we can also add dispersant. For ultrafine powders above 0.044 mm (325 mesh), particle size analyzer can be used for analysis, such as laser analyzer, powder particle settling meter, etc. 

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