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How to detect microstructure of graphite materials?
With the popularization of graphite materials, our requirements for graphite performance are constantly improving. The macroscopic research and testing of graphite can no longer meet the requirements of graphite quality during usage. In addition, in the production of graphite materials, macro-research and testing will also cause us to be unable to effectively guide and control the quality of products.

The structure of graphite material determines the properties of graphite material, which is a basic rule. Therefore, to master the properties of materials and product design, we need to know the structure of materials, so that we can achieve the desired performance in the production of materials. In particular, we need to master the micromechanism (or microstructure) and microcomponents.

Methods for the study and detection of microstructure and microcomponents of graphite materials: X ray diffraction analysis and electron microscope analysis.

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