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Graphite electrode properties you need to know
Before selecting graphite electrode, you need to know the following properties:

Specific Resistance / Electrical Resistivity: 
It is the resistance to the passage of electric current. A low resistance value allows a higher current intensity without the electrodes overheating.

Apparent Density:
It is the weight per unit volume. A higher bulk density usually reflects better mechanical properties.

Resistance to Tension:
It is the force that is required to produce a break by tension. A high value reduces the number of nipple breaks.

Flexural Strength: 
The force required to produce a flexural break (also called a break module). A high value reduces the number of electrode breaks.


Depends on the quality of the raw material (coke) used in the manufacture of graphite electrodes. The classification may vary among the world’s producers.

Young’s Modulus: 

It is a measure of resistance to the change of length before a tension or compression force. This modulus of elasticity is expressed as the relation between force (force per unit area) and the resulting deformation (change in length per unit length). A low value is usually associated with a good resistance to thermal shock.

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