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Graphite electrode formula and storage
Graphite electrode refers to petroleum coke, asphalt coke as aggregate, coal tar pitch as binder, through raw material calcination, crushing milling, compounding, kneading, molding, roasting, impregnation, graphitization and mechanical processing. 

Graphite electrode storage
1. The electrode and the connector should be placed on wood, an iron stand or clean cement ground, so that the electrode is prevented from being damaged or contaminated by dust; and for the electrodes which are not used now, their package should be removed, so that the dust and foreign bodies are prevented from falling on the threads, end surfaces of electrode or internal threads of electrode hole;
2. The electrode should be placed in order in the warehouse, the ends of the electrode stacks should be well cushioned in order to avoid the electrodes from falling off, and the piling height of the electrodes should not be more than 2m in general;
3. The stored electrodes should be kept away from rain and moisture; and the moist electrodes should be dried before using, so that the electrode is prevented from cracking and more oxidation in steel making;
4. The connectors of the stored electrodes should not be close to a place at high temperature so as to avoid the melting of the connection pins.

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