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Which is used as carbon electrodes in batteries?
The carbon electrode of the battery is a carbon conductive material made of electrically-calcined anthracite, petroleum coke, graphite crushed, coal tar pitch, etc. through batching, molding, roasting, and mechanical processing. It has been gradually promoted and used in my country since the 21st century as a new type of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly material. As a conductive electrode for submerged arc furnaces, can be widely used in industrial silicon, ferroalloy, calcium carbide, yellow phosphorus and other metal or non-metal smelting processes. Carbon electrodes are energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, and their use in calcium carbide and ferroalloy submerged arc furnaces can greatly reduce smelting power consumption and reduce pollution. It is an updated product of electrode paste.

Carbon electrodes include:
1. Ordinary power carbon electrode. Carbon electrodes with a current density of less than 17A/cm2 are allowed, which are mainly used in ordinary power electric furnaces for steelmaking, silicon making, and yellow phosphorus making.
2. Anti-oxidation coated carbon electrode. The surface of the carbon electrode is coated with a layer of anti-oxidation protective layer to form a protective layer that is both conductive and resistant to high temperature oxidation, reducing electrode consumption during steelmaking.
3. High-power carbon electrode. Allows the use of carbon electrodes with a current density of 18-25A/cm2, which are mainly used in high-power electric arc furnaces for steelmaking.
4.  Ultra-high power carbon electrode. Carbon electrodes with a current density greater than 25A/cm 2 are allowed. Mainly used for ultra-high power steelmaking electric arc furnace.

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