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Considerations for Using Graphite Electrodes

Graphite electrodes do have a lot of advantages, but how do you put the advantages into play? How to really improve efficiency, reduce costs. Therefore, in the application of graphite materials should first solve the following problems:

First, dust. Because graphite is the structure of fine particles, so in the production time will produce the old dust, to the surrounding and the factory environment has a great impact. The most important is the impact of dust on the equipment, because the graphite conductivity is very good, if the power box after the easy to cause short-circuit fault. This has two processing methods: One is the oil after processing, buy graphite after the first soak in the spark oil for a period of time, and then processing. The graphite dust will not fly. Another is the modification of the processing center: the so-called conversion, mainly in the ordinary processing center to install vacuum cleaners.

Second, because graphite is more brittle than copper, it is easy to cause an electrode to collapse, especially when processing a thin rib electrode, if the graphite is machined with a method of processing copper electrodes. Mainly through the tool selection, the way of walking the knife, as well as the reasonable configuration of processing parameters to achieve. It is recommended to choose Diamond Tool or diamond coated tool as far as possible.

Third, discharge processing of the discharge gap: unlike copper, because the graphite electrode discharge speed faster, the unit time corrosion out more processing slag, how to effectively discharge slag become a problem. Therefore, the discharge clearance is larger than copper. In general, when the discharge gap is set, the discharge clearance of graphite is larger than that of copper number.

Four, the correct understanding of its shortcomings: in addition to dust, graphite there are some deficiencies. For example, in the processing of mirror mold, compared to the copper electrode, graphite electrode is not easy to achieve the desired effect, and to achieve a better surface effect, it is necessary to select the most fine particles of graphite, and the cost of this graphite is often higher than the general graphite to number times.


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