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What is Graphite Cooling Technology?

The thermal conductivity of natural graphite is mostly in 300-700w/m. K, and the thermal conductivity of synthetic graphite is mostly in 700-1500w/m. K, which can even be achieved even higher. Graphite also has grading: natural graphite and synthetic graphite have different thermal conductivity. Synthetic graphite is the polymer as raw material, made into thin film, and then by oxidation, high-temperature carbonization and other complex process preparation, the price of synthetic graphite is higher than natural graphite, but compared to natural graphite microstructure is more structured, more detailed. So it can be done thinner, the heat conduction effect is better.

1. Avoid the side of the charging side of the long time to play mobile phone. Charge of the mobile phone in a lot, this time to use the mobile phone is on the charging current to increase the use of a current, according to the mobile phone design to withstand this current is no problem, but long time in this large current working condition, the fever is also difficult to avoid. So when you recharge your cell phone, don’t play big games or watch videos, let yourself and your phone take a break. In addition to mobile phone manufacturers to use a large number of different heat dissipation materials, users usually good use of machine habits also play an important role. To get rid of some bad habits, there will be unexpected results.

2. As in other industries, the solution to the problem of heat dissipation is mainly the use of high thermal conductivity materials. Traditional thermal conductivity materials are mainly metal materials, such as copper, aluminum, silver, etc., however, the metal material density, high expansion coefficient, in the demand for high thermal conductivity of the occasion is not satisfied with the requirements in the field of aerospace, electronic and electrical appliances, the use of more high, more efficient conduction of conductive graphite. The thermal conductivity of the graphite heat transfer film is 2-4 times that of copper, which will greatly accelerate heat conduction and save space. Following the development of smartphones, hardware promotion, the larger the program can run, the more complex, so long, high load running program when the hardware load is higher, the corresponding heat generated more quickly. The temperature of the module of the fever increased rapidly, the last temperature through high and then affect the mobile phone does not run.

3. Avoid running a large number of applications at the same time. The Android system has a significant feature is that many applications in the open, you think that the exit is closed, but he’s still in the background. This is said to be to promote the processing speed of the system, when the user enters again, the software data still exists, can call processing directly. However, this will take up a limited amount of memory space, the processor each address space increase or decrease, intangible increased processing data.


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