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Graphite And Water Can Be Made Into New Energy
With the development of science and technology, human resources will be used less and such as oil, forests, all kinds of minerals, with a little less than a day. These resources are mined, mined, and much larger than the growth of resources, so resources will be used less and more expensive. The development and research of new energy is essential. In the coming decades, graphite and water can also be used to generate electricity. The two common materials, the general part of the combination of large natural materials-“graphite + water” can create energy storage systems, produce comparable lithium-ion battery storage effect, and in a matter of seconds full of electricity, with almost infinite long service life. The principle of graphite + graphite water energy storage is to use charge to realize the mass of electric energy by the orderly accumulation of the surface of conductive carbon atoms in the whole interface. Ultra-fast storage and release of graphite, a new type of storage device based on “graphite + water” gels can be recharged in a matter of seconds. New science will be used in the human world to erect a new inner monument for the development of mankind.


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