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Carbon electrodes for electrolysis
Most of the scientists have suggested that carbon electrode has several freely moving electrons within their structure so it acts as the highly conductive material. They are more stable at high temperatures, durable and consider being tough material. So it is utilized as a key ingredient in electrolysis. Another special feature of this electrode is a high melting point. Due to this factor, it can be utilized for a wide range of reactions. Many people prefer to use it because of its longevity, low cost.

The solution of electrolysis contains two rods. Each of them carries different chemical or physical reactions when current is passed through the solution. Then positively charged ions flow towards cathode since it receives electrons. On the other side, the negatively charged ions move towards positive ones or anode and loss electron. Usually, it is made out of an allot rope of carbon compound called graphite. They are made from joining many carbon atoms in a hexagonal shape and linked with more number of hexagonal to make a layer and it will be one atom thick.


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