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What is molded graphite and extruded graphite?
The pressing methods commonly used in carbon and graphite products industry are molding method and extrusion method.

The molding method is to put a certain amount of paste into the required shape and size of the mold, and then press from the upper or lower part, and sometimes apply a certain pressure to the paste from the upper and lower directions at the same time, so that the paste can be compressed and formed in the die. Then the pressed semi-finished product is demoulded, cooled, and then stacked after inspection. Molding equipment has vertical press, but also horizontal press. The production efficiency of molding method is relatively low. Generally, only one product can be pressed at a time, but some products that can not be manufactured by extrusion method can be manufactured by molding method at will. Molded graphite has a wide range of properties in mechanical strength, friction resistance, density, hardness, conductivity and so on, and can be further improved by impregnating resin or metal.

The extrusion method is to squeeze the paste into the cylinder of the press. A replaceable extrusion circle is equipped in front of the press. A movable baffle is arranged in front of the extrusion nozzle. The main plunger is arranged at the back of the press cylinder. Extrusion nozzle needs to be blocked by gear board before pressing. The static paste is compressed under pressure. As the baffle is removed to continue increasing pressure, the paste is squeezed out from the extrusion nozzle. We cut the extruded strip into the desired length. Then we cool it, check it, and pile it up. Extrusion is semi-continuous production, which means, a number of (graphite block, graphite material) products can be extruded continuously after adding a certain amount of paste. So the production efficiency of the extrusion method is much higher than that of the molding method.

At present, most carbon and graphite products are produced by extrusion. Molding method is often used to produce small cold pressed graphite or fine structure products.

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