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What does carbon electrode mean?

Carbon electrodes come in many sizes and thicknesses but they essentially feel like a piece of fabric. They are flexible. Carbon electrode is a conductive material produced from anthracite and metallurgical coke. Carbon electrodes are primarily used in electrochemical experiments or electrochemical analysis. In other words, they are used in applications where electron transfer is required and are commonly utilized during electrolysis.

Carbon Electrode

Carbon electrodes are suitable for smelting some common electric furnace steels and ferroalloys in medium and small electric furnaces and ferroalloy furnaces. Because the carbon electrode has a relatively high ash content, it is not suitable for smelting high-grade alloy steel. The raw materials of carbon electrodes are relatively easy to solve, and there is no need to graphitize during production, and the cost of the product is much lower than that of graphitized electrodes. After the raw materials are roasted, they are processed mechanically. The mechanical processing includes the smooth surface and the threaded joint holes for connecting at both ends, and the joint for connecting two products. In order to make the two electrodes better connected, several kilograms of carbon paste prepared from graphite powder, syrup and water should be supplied at the same time per ton of finished product, which should be coated in the joint hole when connecting the product.

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