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Graphite electrode demand and price in 2019-2020
Since 2019, the production capacity of graphite electrode enterprises in the industry has been gradually restored and released to a large extent. The overall situation of oversupply in the whole market has directly led to the overall decline of domestic graphite electrode price. Industry data show that in the first half of 2020, affected by the market downturn and coVID-19 epidemic, the sales price of graphite electrode in domestic and foreign markets declined, and the production reduction, production suspension and loss enterprises in the industry frequently appeared.

It is reported that in the third quarter, the impact of the epidemic gradually weakened, the production of domestic electric steelmaking enterprises gradually resumed, and the market demand for graphite electrodes showed a gradual increase.In addition to the graphite electrode raw material price rise, the supply end adjustment is obvious. Public information shows that the rise of raw material prices and the improvement of the export market to a certain extent are good for the graphite electrode market. Since September, the graphite electrode market price has been rising steadily, among which the export orders have picked up compared with the previous period.

Driven by the rising cost of calcined petroleum coke, the price of graphite electrode in the Current Chinese market has increased by about 100USD/MT year-on-year at the end of last month. As domestic and foreign purchase demand has not improved, the price of graphite electrode will remain stable.

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