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What are the particle size in graphite?
Generally speaking, graphite materials have the following 4 shapes:
1. Spherical powder
2. Dendritic powder
3. Flakelike powder
4. Fibrous (acicular) powder

The shape of graphite powder particles depends on the type of raw materials and also on the mechanical structure of crushing. In graphite production, various graphite materials are composed of materials of different particle sizes except for binder. The so-called particle size, in fact, is a measure of the size of the material block (grain).

The maximum particle size of graphite electrode in China is 6~8 mm. Grain size of carbon block, prebaked anode and paste is up to 20 mm. Particle size of electric carbon products and special graphite with fine structure is generally 43μm(320 mesh). Minimum size <10μm.

In graphite material production, our formulation for the particle size of graphite raw materials is the dense heap principle. The dense heap principle is the maximum density per unit volume.

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