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Purpose and Affecting Factors of Graphite Graphitization
Graphitization is the process of heating amorphous carbon for a prolonged period of time, rearranging the atomic structure to achieve an ordered crystalline structure that is typical of solids. During graphitization, carbon atoms are rearranged to fill atom vacancies and improve atom layout.

The rearranging of atoms in amorphous carbon is enhanced in the presence of oxidizing gases. This allows for the breaking of bonds in more disordered regions of the amorphous carbon. This includes locations where carbon to carbon bonds can be interlinked between layered planes or other intertwined areas of the amorphous structure.

The purposes of graphite graphitization:
1. Improving thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity of graphite materials
2. Improving thermal stability, thermal shock resistance and chemical stability of graphite materials
3. Improving lubricity and wear resistance of graphite materials
4. Removing impurities from graphite materials, and improving purity

5. Reducing the hardness of graphite materials for machining

The factors affecting the graphitization process:
1. Heat treatment time
2. Impacts of the atmosphere
3. Effects of pressure and plastic deformation
4. Effects of additives
5. Effects of radiation exposure

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