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What are the advantages of EDM graphite electrode?
EDM graphite is a new material, which is more and more widely used in precision die processing industry. At present, more than 90% of the mould processing electrode materials are graphite in European countries. Compared with graphite electrode, the advantages of copper almost disappear.

Our manufacturing industry is developing to the high level. Because our country vigorously promotes intelligent manufacturing and builds a manufacturing power, so the requirements for discharge materials used in machining are getting higher and higher in the field of precision die manufacturing. EDM graphite is becoming more and more important in the processing of precision mould. The screening of EDM materials has also been highly concerned by the industry. High quality EDM graphite is also more and more selected by high-end die manufacturers.

In the past EDM industry, most manufacturers used to choose electrolytic copper, copper and tungsten, silver and tungsten as electrode raw materials. Of course, traditional graphite is also a good choice. Due to cost, quality and efficiency, graphite was not previously used as the preferred material for EDM. In the past, electrolytic copper was usually used as the preferred raw material for EDM. In recent years, with the development of industry in China, in order to pursue higher quality and lower cost, the industry is looking for updated graphite materials to replace copper electrodes.

Advantages of EDM graphite electrode:

1. The weight is lighter. The density of graphite is only 1/5 of copper. When the large electrode is processed by discharge, the burden of machine tool (EDM) can be effectively reduced, and it is more suitable for the application of large die and mould.

2. The material is not easy to deform, and has obvious advantages in the processing of thin reinforcement materials. The softening point of copper is about 1000℃, which is easy to deform due to heat. The sublimation temperature of graphite is 3650℃, and the thermal expansion coefficient is only 1/30 of that of copper.

3. The processing speed is faster. In general, the machining speed of graphite is 2 times faster than that of copper, and the discharge speed is 3 times faster than that of copper.

4. The discharge consumption is smaller and the service life is long. Because there are C atoms in the spark oil, the C atom in the spark oil is decomposed at high temperature, and the protective film is formed on the surface of the graphite electrode, which compensates the loss of the graphite electrode.

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