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The problem of slagging of graphite electrode used in electrolys
Electrolytic graphite needs to use high purity graphite material. The slag dropping is caused by the impure graphite.

Graphite contains a large number of binders, which react with the solution and lose the effect of the adhesive. In addition, some graphite rods are very soft due to insufficient pressure in the manufacturing process. When the adhesive meets the solution, the adhesive changes, and the soft graphite rod drops slag or melts into the solution.

However, high purity graphite is acid-base resistant and does not lose slag and dissolve in solution for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt high purity graphite electrode rod. The high purity graphite electrode rod has been baked and impregnated many times at high temperature. Baking at high temperature of 2000℃ for a long time completely volatilized some binders, which achieves the purpose of high purification of graphite and greatly improves the properties of graphite. When there are impurities in graphite, the properties of graphite are bound to be reduced. Therefore, the graphite electrode rod with adhesive is dispersed in the solution, and slag dropping is very normal.

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