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Is graphite easy to cut?
Graphite is brittle material. The macro hardness of graphite material is relatively small. The loading and clamping are easy to damage the base surface of graphite. The clamping error of graphite is also large. Especially some graphite products with slender holes have high precision requirement. And the machining of inner step holes is difficult. Most of the graphite products are mold parts, such as graphite electrode, 3D hot bending die, etc., which require high consistency.

Processing quality of graphite products with slender and step-holes directly affects the quality of downstream product. The service life of the graphite product itself will be influenced too. Before processing, we need to repeatedly analyze the process plan, processing route, clamping method and processing parameters, and optimize the design. 

The difficulties of producing graphite products with slender and step-holes are as follows: boring, chip removal, and coaxiality control. Therefore, we also need to choose reasonable and effective graphite cutting tool material.

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