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What is the difference between graphite and carbon black?
Graphite products have high thermal stability in non-oxidizing media. This property of graphite is valuable in high temperature resistance engineering.

In the application of smelting metal, graphite can be used as lining, electrode, crucible, continuous casting die of ironmaking blast furnace and electric metallurgical furnace.

Graphite products can also be refined to extremely high purity (more than 99.999%). In this way, it can be suitable for smelting and casting components with high purity and high melting point materials such as semiconductor materials, nuclear fuel, etc.

We can add some carbon black to meet the demand of high mechanical strength for small size graphite products. Carbon black can not only greatly increase the mechanical strength of graphite products, but also increase the density of graphite products (filling the gap of particles).

However, for large size graphite products, practice has proved to be inappropriate. The reason is that carbon black will reduce the permeability of graphite products during calcination, which leads to easy cracking of graphite products.

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