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What industry uses graphite?
Because of its special structure, graphite has the following special properties:

1. High temperature resistance: The melting point of graphite is 3850±50℃ and the boiling point is 4250℃. Even with the burning of ultra-high temperature arc, the weight loss of graphite is very small. The mechanical strength of graphite will be strengthened with the increase of temperature.

2. Lubricity: the lubricating performance of graphite depends on the size of flake graphite. The larger the flake graphite, the smaller the friction coefficient and the better the lubricating performance.

3. Thermal shock resistance: when graphite is used at room temperature, it can withstand the drastic change of temperature without damage. When the temperature changes, the volume of graphite will not change too much and will not produce cracks.

Graphite electrodes are actually widely used in the industry. It has been widely used in the following industries:

1. Refractories: metallurgical furnace lining and graphite crucible in metallurgical industry. Steel-making industry often use graphite as ingot protection agent.  

2. Conductive materials: electrodes, brushes, carbon rods, carbon tubes, graphite gasket, telephone parts, coating of TV picture tube in electrical industry.

3. Wear-resistant lubricating materials: graphite lubricant in mechanical industry, graphite piston cup, graphite sealing ring, graphite bearing, graphite emulsion for metal processing (wire drawing, tubing drawing), etc.

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