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Some Inquiries of Graphite Electrodes from Iran
In January 2019, we got some inquiries of Graphite Electrodes from Iran and Turkey client. What kind of graphite electrodes are you looking for? We can supply UHP Graphite Electrode, SHP Graphite Electrode, HP Graphite Electrode, RP Graphite Electrode. Below is the details:

1. Dear Sir/Madam we have need to graphit electrode UHP in size ( 500x1800) whit short nippele, but we're in a hurry. My copmpany is in TURKEY and our customer is in IRAN. please send to me Proforma invoive FOB to Banddar Abbas-IRAN ASAP. best regard

2. Dear Sir/Madam, Good day. i'm owner of a trading company based in Iran. we are interested to supply UHP graphite electrodes( with respective nipple) to one of our customers in Iran. so i would like to ask you below questions: 
1- have you been in Iran's market ever? did you sell any similar products to Iranian companies? 
2- are you able to produce UHP with respective nipple? 
3- are you interested to work on Iran's market through a trading company such as us? Kind Regards

3. We as an Iranian Co.interest to purchasing UHP Graphite Electrode for IRAN: 
1 - UHP Graphite Electrode Dia.450mm, Lenght 1800mm,Niple 4TPIL : Quantity 500Mt. 
2 - UHP Graphite Electrode Dia.600mm, Lenght 2400mm,Niple 4TPIL : Quantity 3000Mt. 
If it's possible for you , please send us your offer price based on CFR Iran Ports. Best Regards

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Head Company: Orient Carbon Group

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