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Relationship between graphite electrode and environment

The environmental problem is a global problem. In recent years, with the development of China's economy, the economy has brought great pressure to the environment. We can clearly find that the haze phenomenon in the city starts to become serious after October every year. In order to control environmental pollution, every city will make its own policies. For example, the city our company located, made the following measures: advocate public transportation, limit or suspend production, including chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises, paper and textile enterprises and some processing and manufacturing industries. As a result, manufacturers face declining productivity, shortages in the market and rising prices.

Our company mainly produces graphite electrodes, and the manufacturer of graphite electrodes industry is also listed as a key management and control enterprise. Therefore, the supply shortage of graphite electrodes will inevitably lead to price increase, so the key is to replenish inventory as soon as possible. Our ordering phone and email are +86-318-2883050 and tingy.yu@orientcarbongraphite.com. Or you can visit our website:www.orientcarbongraphite.com

We provide graphite electrode(RP, HP, UHP, SHP) from 300mm-700mm. We also provide superior soderberg electrode paste. Welcome to order.

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