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Quotes of UHP Graphite Electrodes in Dec 2022 from Clients
In December 2022, we got some quotes of Graphite Electrodes from clients. What kind of graphite electrodes are you looking for? We can supply UHP Graphite Electrode, SHP Graphite Electrode, HP Graphite Electrode, RP Graphite Electrode. Below is the details:

1. We are in need of a UHP GRADE Graphite Electrode with a diameter of 450x2400 UHP graphite electrode, Quantity: 300 MT with +/-5% tolerance. Please share your best offer.

2. Dear Sir and Madam, Please contact me by email if it is convenient for you

3. We need about 80 tons of 400×2000 UHP graphite electrodes. We will appreciate you sending us a copy of your illustrated catalogue, with details of your prices and terms of payment. Looking forward to your early reply.

UHP Graphite Electrode

Quality is always priority. We pursue excellence in product quality, handling process, service and management.

We immediately respond to our customers. We think in our clients’ position so as to understand, meet and exceed their requirements and demands.

If you are looking for Graphite Electrodes, please feel free to contact us:
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Telephone: +86 318 2883050
Email: tingy.yu@orientcarbongraphite.com

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