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Graphite Electrode Supplier

Steel is usually recycled as it is capable to be melted down and use again a number of times requiring the make use of electric curve furnaces, which work most excellent when run with graphite electrodes. The physical properties of graphite make it a perfect alternative for this purpose. Steel necessitate great temperatures in order to melt into liquid form to be used in other metal fabrication processes, and graphite is able to conduct electricity at even extremely high temperatures. The electric arc furnaces themselves are large containers. The steel scraps for recycling are placed into the container and the roof is lowered.

A detail About Graphite Electrodes

The graphite rods or electrodes are components of the roof structure of the furnaces and are bring together into columns and attached to the roof. Depending on the manufacturer, the electrodes can be as small as 3 inches in diameter, or as large as 30 inches. This will also be dependent on the size of the furnace and the volume of material requiring melting. Graphite electrode supplier provides best quality Graphite Electrodes.

Graphite Electrode Manufacturers: Running ahead of basics?

In recent times, Graphite electrode supplier cornered investors’ attention with basics pointing towards a turnaround in the sector.

Graphite electrode manufacturers are the key beneficiary of the development in its end market - global steel demand. Industry consolidation leading to lower supply and higher fence to entry is also positive news.

On the other hand, a sharp surge in raw material prices and China exports are the factors to watch out for which can cap this upside. In additional, calculations propose that stock cost of both HEG and Graphite electrode are trading ahead of the normal pricing dynamics in medium term.

Industry-wide capacity consolidation – lower supply

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